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South Georgia Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs

The origin of feral or Wild hogs in Southeast Georgia depends upon who is telling the story.  Spanish settlers brought the first hogs into this region close to 1500 ad.  These hogs were considered ‘domesticated.’  The hogs that escaped and began living wild were considered ‘feral’ hogs.  In 1912, pure blooded Eurasian hogs were imported into NC for hunting purposes.  These hogs were scattered to Texas, and then back to the South East of the United States.  Feral hogs are of three types:  domesticated feral, hybrid, and pure Eurasian.  Their colors range from solid, spotted, banded, and any combination imaginable. 

Feral Hogs

Now that people are paying for ‘canned’ or caged hog hunts, different types of hogs are becoming feral (wild).  Some of these have been released for hunting purposes, these hogs bred with genetically altered domestics, and now we have huge feral wild hogs.  Traditionally, the hogs have been known as piney woods rooters, razorbacks, and russians. With few natural predators, they are increasingly growing in size and numbers.

Environmental Impact

The release of non-native animals is never good for an ecosystem.  The natural balance is forever changed, and prolific species hasten the inevitable.  The most destructive and prolific invasive animal is the hog.  Scientist know them as Sus scrofa Linnaeus.  Landowners and hunters know them as wild hogs, feral hogs, wild pigs, wild russian hogs, and hogs. 

We are dedicated to the removal of wild hogs.

Hog control by Hog Patrol.

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